Getting the ball rolling…

So as of today we have our first blog to add to our list!

Pretty exciting seeing as though this whole idea and site was built yesterday. Many thanks to the blogger behind The Very Best Top Ten of everything! He has officially got the ball rolling!

If you wish to get your blog on our website please do not hesitate to email us at

Also in other developments to the site we have redesigned M. Herridges Photography section, making it far easier to navigate and plenty of room for expansion. (Thanks to me finally being able to remember how to do frames :S)

We have also added a Advertising Bar that can be used to feature a blog or website (or anything really). Many things to do and many improvements to be made but you got to start somewhere.

once again if you want to join the project and have your blog linked into our site let us know! 

We are looking for any type of blog about anything ( Just no nasty stuff)

and remember stop by and have a Gander at